Southwold Harbour Circular (2.5 miles)

From Gardner Road Car Park on the edge of Southwold Common, walk across the common golf course and head towards the water tower. From here take a left turn onto the road near the tower. Head west towards the River Blyth. In front of the Harbour Inn pub, walk left onto a path, follow this path down the river bank until you reach the lifeboat station. Near the mouth of the river, take a left turn along the coast walking along the beach huts and cafe. At the cafe, turn inland and turn right at Ferry road. You will approach a right hand bend, take the road opposite called, 'Gardner Road' and this will lead you back to the car park. You will see; Water tower, Harbour Inn, Blyth River, Lifeboat Station, Beach Huts.

Southwold - Reydon Circular (4.2 miles)

From Gardner Road Car Park on the edge of Southwold Common - This delightful coastal village attracts many visitors through its natural charm and tranquility. It is the home of the national and world crabbing championships in late Summer, and has long been popular to many artists, whilst providing a retreat to national figures. Walberswick was once a flourishing fishing port at the mouth of the river Blyth. It can be accessed by the Southwold ferry, or on foot by the linking Bailey bridge. You will see; Water tower, Harbour Inn, Blyth River, Bailey Bridge, St Felix School

Buss Creek and Town Marshes Circular (4.5 miles)

From the Pier Car Park, walk away from the town with the sea on the right. Shortly after, take signposted path left through some reeds. Buss Creek should be on your right, follow this until you reach the A1095 road at Might's Bridge. From here, cross road and continue to walk along the south bank of the Creek. Cross over at the footpath junction bearing left. Continue from here with river channel on your right. You will reach the Bailey bridge to cross over the River Blyth. Do not cross over, but instead continue along the river bank past the Harbour Inn, all the way down to the Lifeboat Station. From here, turn left along the coast past the beach huts and continue along the coast until you reach the Pier car park. You will see; The Pier, Buss Creek, Might's Bridge, Bailey Bridge, Harbour Inn, Lifeboat Station, Beach huts

South Cove Circular (6.5 miles)

From the Car Park at the Five Bells public house at South Cove, turn right onto the main road, immediately turning right onto a track. Continue along this track bearing left at several corners until you reach a road. From here, turn right and follow this road for around 1200m. You will pass two lanes and will bear left. Keep on the right hand side to take a clearly marked footpath to the left. Follow this path through some woods then right, heading diagonally across a field. You will pass three large oaks on the right to a small bridge. Cross the second bridge and then through water meadows, leading to a stile and a third footbridge. The path will lead into a copse then across a field past a telegraph pole and eventually onto the main B1127 road at Potter's Bridge. From here, turn right and immediately cross left to take a wide path through the reed beds. Follow the path, taking a few right hand and left hand bends. The path is signposted well. After approximately 2 miles from the road, the path will lead onto a lane. From here, turn left and at the cross-roads by the cottages, take the track towards the right and then left onto a footpath which will continue for around 400m before reaching more cottages. The path will continue along field edges to lead onto the B1127 road with the Five Bells opposite.
You will see; Five Bells Public House, Suffolk Coast and Heaths Path, Potters Bridge

Southwold and Blythburgh walk (8.2 miles)

From Gardner Road Car Park on the edge of Southwold Common - walk across the common golf course and head towards the water tower, from here turn left onto the road which is in front of the water tower and head West towards the River Blyth. After reaching the Harbour Inn, turn right along the river. You will need to pass over a stile, then following the path inland which winds along the banks of the river until you reach the Bailey Bridge. Cross over the bridge and continue ahead. Just past the bench, turn right onto a path. The path will lead onto the B1387 road near Eastwood Lodge. Turn right along the road until a sign points to path to the right. Take this path around the north side of Deadman's Covert, bear right and head towards the bank of the River Blyth. Follow the rivers edge, you will pass some birds hides. Cross a large field which will take you to the White Hart Inn. To return either follow same path in reverse or Walberswick to cross in the summer by Ferry. You will see; Water tower, Harbour Inn, Blyth River, Bailey Bridge, Old railway route, White Hart Inn, Blyth Estuary

Southwold and Covehithe Circular (9.5 miles)

From the Pier Car Park, walk away away from the town with the sea on the right. Approximately 800m north of the pier, a path will turn inland. This will change into a track and reach the main B1127 road in Reydon. From here, cross over the road opposite which is behind the woodland area, walking right all the way through the village. You will pass a small shop on your right, continue along the main road until the road bears left. Opposite is a small road leading down, 'The smear'. Follow this road all the way down and you will reach a sharp left hand bend. Take the track towards the right towards Reydon Smear Farm. You will return to the B1127, from here, turn left along the road to reach Potters Bridge. You will need to cross a marshy area and turn right off the road onto a path through the reed beds. Follow this path taking several right hand and left hand bends. The path is well signposted. After approximately 2 miles from the road, the path reaches a lane. Turn right towards the hamlet of Covehithe. You will pass the church and a path will lead onto the coast. From here depending on tidal conditions, walk along the coast back to the pier or in reverse route. You will see; The Pier, Reydon Smear, Potters Bridge, Suffolk Coast and Heaths path, Covehithe Church

NB. It is an offence for your animals to foul the footpath. Please ensure that any droppings are cleared. Walks Provided by Mr J.O.Veitch.

Although CWA makes every effort to ensure that the walks are accurate, they are intended as a guide to the rambler. CWA accepts no responsibility for any deviations or changes made to the walks.

Things to do and see in the surrounding area

Nearby Places to visit Local things to do

Back to the main 'things to do and see' page, where you will find a list of local attractions in Southwold, including the Pier, Electric Picture Palace, Lighthouse, Voyager and Southwold Summer Theatre.
Nearby Places to visit Nearby places to visit

There are plenty of nearby towns and villages to visit. Nearby Blythburgh and across the river, Walberswick, the busy seaside towns of Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth full of attractions, shops and things to do, or other similar places to Southwold such as Aldeburgh and Snape.
Local Walks Local walks

Southwold and the surrounding area is full of outstanding walks. We have put several recommended walks together with information on distance, and sights of interest along the route. These are just a small taster to the many walks.
Zoos and animal parks Zoos and animal parks

Looking for zoos and wildlife parks. The best local wildlife park is at nearby Kessingland "Africa Alive!", but there are plenty of smaller animal parks including Pettits farm animals for kids, Eastern Farm Park, and many more, for those interested in birds, try nearby Minsmere nature reserve.
Family attractions Family attractions

For family attractions, the two biggest are Pleasurewood Hills between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, and Pleasurebeach in Great Yarmouth. Both towns are packed with attractions and things to do such as mini-golf, bowling and sports attractions.

Arts and Craft Arts and Crafts

For all arts and crafts including art exhibitions, pottery and antiques. These include Lowestoft Arts Centre, Henstead Art and Craft Centre, Teapot Pottery in Debenham, and the Henry Watsons Potteries near Diss, There are plenty more in Suffolk and Norfolk.
House and Gardens House and Gardens

There are plenty of halls, and gardens to view in the area. The Walled Garden of Saxmundham, Exotic gardens of Aldeburgh, Wyken Hall, Melford Hall, Helmingham Hall and Gardens, Ickworth House, park and gardens, Otley Hall and Yoxford antique centre gardens
Museums and History Museums and History

Apart from the Museums of Southwold, there are many other places of interest including, Mid-Suffolk light Railway museum, Sutton Hoo, West Stow anglo saxon village, East Anglia transport museum, The National Horseracing Museum, The Long Shop Museum and Halesworth Airfield, memorial museum.
Other River trips

Southwold is not far from the Norfolk Broads, where you will find plenty of boat hire companies, offering single day hire, or short breaks. The Norfolk Broads offers outstanding scenery, spectacular wildlife and plenty of places to moor up and visit.